If you’re wondering, this blog’s name is CRC Mismatch (short CRC-M) because I started using that as handle since mid 2008. Before that, I tried using names like Alpha Dog from late 2007 on (based on the XFX Special Edition of the 8800 that I had just bought, although I gave up after it became popular from the movie of same name) and YouTube from mid to late 2007 , and I think I don’t even need to explain why the latter didn’t work…
Even earlier, from the time I started playing some real stuff (specifically Diablo 2 in this case), I stole the name Archeron from my father’s character (I was just 6, couldn’t come up with something nice) and used it until thinking that Alpha Dog was nicer. Right now, I think I might have simply threw away the best handle until now…

Moving on to myself now:
My real name is Kevin Mian Kraiker, I live in a suburbian neighborhood in São Paulo – SP, Brazil. Until December 23th of this same year, I am 15 years old. (I bet this last sentence made you think bad of me. No, I’m not a trashy nerd whose only life keeps within studies and I’m also not a retarded kid that stomped across here and thought nice of having a blog.) Just to clarify things up a bit: Most people think I’m 17/18 at first glance, because I’m more than 6ft tall, when mostly everyone I know is from about 5 1/2ft. to 5 3/4ft. tall. And to strengthen that appearance, I prefer the serious business kind of style.

As my age may tell already, I’m on High School right now. 1st year (10th grade), to be exact. I’m interested most in exact sciences (Clarifying again: I don’t like to study. Actually, I don’t even study for the tests and exams in this area. I mostly don’t even pay much attention to the lessons, I just do it until I understand the subject, which in most cases happens in about 15-20 minutes of explanation. Resumedly: dude, I just go there, look at the bunch of exercises and start writing what comes to my head, with just a little thinking; in most cases, what I receive for this are As, B+s. Sometimes, one or two A+s. Is that normal? Well… Not in my school and certainly not for someone that loses about 30 hours a week or more playing games.)
Although, I’m seriously interested in starting a military career as an Airforce Fighter Pilot… I’ve already did some research on this topic, but conflicts with my religious doutrines (although saying this right after I said I lose most of my time playing games may sound an hipocrysy, I have to say I really care about religion) made me give up on it.


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